Month: August 2017

2nd Week at the MTC

August 26, 2017 Hello! (excuse any typos, I am a little short on time today :S) Sunday was so Spiritual! Sacrament meeting was so touching because people gave talks in Spanish, I might have to give a talk in Spanish here pretty soon though! I am excited. But that night we had choir practice and

First P-Day (Preparation Day)

August 19, 2017 On Wednesday we sang Bring the World His Truth and instead of singing ‘we will be the Lord’s Missionaries,’ we all sang ‘we are now the Lord’s Missionaries’ and it was amazing. Anyway my companion is super awesome! He does these things called Tabatas which are intense exercises for 20 seconds then

First letter from the MTC

August 17, 2017 I am being taken care of really well here at the MTC. The plane ride was fun with Elder Thomas and Sister James sitting behind me. My companion here is Elder Urie, related to the Panic At The Disco lead singer 3rd cousins. As we were teaching one of the investigators that

Safe arrival at the Mission Training Center

August 16, 2017 Since Hunter will be training in Provo instead of Colombia, one perk is that he can have his grandparents pick him up at the airport and take him to the MTC.  It took a little while to find his Grannie, but they finally found each other. With four hours between the plane

This is Goodbye

August 16, 2017 Hunter officially left on his Mission early Wednesday morning. There were lot of laughs and hugs at the airport.  Some of his friends from choir showed up to see him off.  We’re really going to miss him, but he’s going to do great work.       

Reassigned to the Provo MTC

On Friday I found out that due to delays with my visa to Ecuador, I won’t be going to the Colombia training center.  They have reassigned me to train at the Provo MTC.  I now leave on Wednesday, August 16th at 7:30 am.  I am excited to start my training, learn the language and the