2nd Week at the MTC

August 26, 2017

Hello! (excuse any typos, I am a little short on time today :S)

Sunday was so Spiritual! Sacrament meeting was so touching because people gave talks in Spanish, I might have to give a talk in Spanish here pretty soon though! I am excited. But that night we had choir practice and we sung Hurrah for Israel! And it was muy poderoso! I forgot what his name was but during choir practice he told a bunch of stories about prophets of the the past. The Spirit is so strong here and it is crazy how much I am growing here under this amount of stress to move myself to be better. I love it!

Elder Brown is this big guy in our District (us and the room next to us) and he was playing a frisbee game and invited some Hermana Missionaries over to come play as well. So one of us throws a frisbee towards him, he snatches out of the air without looking and turns to the Hermana next to him and says “So where ‘ya from?” It was so smooth that our whole district could not stop laughing. What made it even better is that she didn’t even answer some of his other questions, a minute, later he was mumbling saying, that it was a simple question why didn’t she answer. Elder Brown is absolutely hilarious.

On Tuesday, one of the members of the Quorum of the 70, named Elder Weatherford T. Clayton, went up to pulpit right after of our prelude hymn. He said, “This is not a funeral, sing louder!” Our next prelude song was ‘How Gentle God’s Commands’ But we still sang it with power haha!

Being here at the MTC is really motivating, we have a lot of assignments and responsibilities it it quite surreal.

Remember that Belt Loop ATtachment(BLAT)? So Elder Butz was blocking the door, just being silly, and I used my key to open the door and then Elder Romero opened the door all the way. So my belt loop attachment stretched all they way out and broke. It was pretty funny, but I was pretty devastated because we get ‘$6’ every week to spend and those things are $2 but Elder Romero was kind enough to get me a new one. I didn’t expect that. (The BLATs are retractable name tag holder things if that helps.)

Okay, so no joke, when I am with Elder Urie, we have so many coincidences! We find the same people over and over and see people we know; Elder Urie knows quite a bit of Elders here. But earlier this week, I asked at lunch, “Where do you want to sit today?” And so we sit down to eat our food. There is a single Senior Missionary across from us and about half way through almuerzo his wife sits next him. So I strike up a conversation, and they say they are going to Hawaii to help special needs kids function and get around campus and know where their classes are. They said they have 5 days at the MTC and are leaving in 2 days (so when I am writing this, they’ve already left). But then I ask them where they are from! They say that they grew up in St. Johns, AZ! I said no way! My dad grew up there! And he asked what my name was and I said Elder Wilhelm, and my grandpa is LaVerl Wilhelm. He then said that my Grandpa is his 1st cousin!! I looked at their name tags and it was Sister and Elder HEAP! Woah! So in that short time that they were here I got to say hi and take a picture with my 1st cousin twice removed (I think). But that is so crazy!!! He wished me good luck on my mission and it was an emotional time saying goodbye. But wow, that is poderoso (which means powerful/cool at the same time). So so many coincidences that Heavenly Father has given us.

But anyway back to the week, the Elders in my district make me laugh so hard! We sing the National Anthem and other songs like Never gonna hit those notes and we sing it terribly! I sometimes cannot breathe because we are laughing so hard.

I got 200 words written down on flashcards! I know 90% of those now. Now it is time to get on ahead of writing whole phrases down in ingles and espanol. It is quite good. But it amazing. I am exited for this upcoming week!

Have a good semana everyone and Be Positive!
With much love, sincerely, Elder Wilhelm
P.S. Next week, I’ll try to label my pictures so I can tell you why I took them and what’s happening. I tried to this week, but it just messed things up


Training Class
Watching the Solar Eclipse. Monday, Aug 21, 2017
Eclipse Shadows
Elders Urie, Wilhelm, Butz, & Romero
Elder and Sister Heap

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