Month: September 2017

I made it to Ecuador safely!

September 26, 2017 My flight was absolutely amazing. I had opportunities to share why I was going on a mission to Ecuador. I met a man who served in Colombia and he said that the Ecuadorianos are a very colorful people. I met the Mission President Alarcón and he is amazing. He is from Peru.

Last Email From the CCM!

September 23, 2017 This week went by so quickly! I have grown so much here and I have grown to love the Savior so much more closely than I ever have before. We have been learning a lot of difficult things in Spanish. But I love it. I can definitely see all the uses for

What A Happy Week!

September 16, 2017 Hola! This week has been a huge growth for me, it has been amazing. A couple years ago I went to AFY with Ethan Price. It was super cool. AFY is Adventure For Youth, it is a week up in Idaho where we do cool stuff like white water rafting, zip lining,

They have chocolate milk on tap at the MTC

September 9, 2017 On last P-day we were in T4, which is a 6 floor building, it is the C shaped one if you look at the map. But some Elders dropped a racket ball from the top to the bottom and someone caught it. It was pretty risky. Sunday was pretty rough, I was