They have chocolate milk on tap at the MTC

September 9, 2017

On last P-day we were in T4, which is a 6 floor building, it is the C shaped one if you look at the map. But some Elders dropped a racket ball from the top to the bottom and someone caught it. It was pretty risky. Sunday was pretty rough, I was congested from being sick, plus it was fast Sunday. But I made it through. Elder Shaw and Elder McConkie were getting ready to pack up and get out of here because they are being transferred to the Guatemala CCM. I miss them a lot and I am going to miss Elder McConkie starting the tradition of singing the National Anthem in the morning.

We were supposed to watch a recorded video of Elder Holland, but there was a video problem in the room and we ended up just listening to his talk, it was super good and he testified that we must open our mouths to resist against Satan or else he has power of us. Afterward we brought back 40 chairs and that was so hard since I was weak from being sick, but I knew that if Christ could suffer an Infinite atonement, that I could lift a few (10) chairs, not light chairs.  By Monday I was feeling a ton better because of the Lavender that we used and some airborne stuff that we took. It was good.

We got a change in teachers and it was sad to leave Hermano Manwaring because he was so fun, but our new teachers, Hermana Rupp y Hermano Walker are really good for our class.

Elder Oaks gave a talk to us on Tuesday night for devotional! I can sum his talk up in a phrase that fits it. Break, bend, become. Break old habits, Bend to strive to teach with the spirit, and Become a missionary by a mighty change of heart. His talk was super!

We have practice investigators called TRC’s and we taught Ernesto this week and it was really good! We asked him if he felt the Book of Mormon was true that he would be baptized on the 20th. And he said if yes, yes. So that was awesome. He chose us for teaching him three more times this week.

My name is a sentence in Spanish, sort of. If you convert my first name Hunters->Cazadores, which means killers of anything. My middle name is a word in Spanish. Cazadores Sean (un) Wilhelm. Means Hunters, be (a) Wilhelm. like a command. So I thought that my name was cool for being a Spanish word. jaja.

They have Chocolate milk here on a dispenser, plus they have hot chocolate in the same fashion. So if you mix them, then you can have the perfect amount of hotness.

I got a quote from Elder Newsome. He said that one of his Returned Missionary friends said “The best thing I ever learned from my mission companions is: whereever you are, be there, what ever you are doing, do that” I like simple things like that because it is super easy to remember practically forever.

The amount of phrases we learn in Spanish class is absolutely insane. I can explain most things in Spanish and we have been shown I think 9 tenses in Spanish and it is really fun. But Reflexives are super interesting. Like there are reflexive verbs like arrepentirse which means repent for your own sins because arrepentir would be to repent for someone else’s sins or something. It’s great and I love it. Tenses are cool

In the past weeks, I saw Elder Toole, who is from my Stake! He gave a talk one time for a missionary prep thing but it was cool to see him! Also, the day before yesterday in the gym in the basement, I met Sister Brooklyn Edwards! Apparently she and I were in the same group for MoPro when I took Lanell Burnett to Prom. That was a memorable time :D. But ya she is going to Sweden. She got her call in April I think and got here later than I. So that is pretty rare.

I hear about the crazy hurricanes that are coming through. I hope everyone is alright. I can’t believe how many areas are being evacuated. We don’t get much news here but from what I hear, it is sincerely scary. But all is well and peaceful here at the CCM!

Until next time!!
Elder Wilhelm​

​​Here’s a good picture of my District last week! Before Elder Shaw and Elder McConkie peaced out

​And here is the picture of Elder Smith and I from last week that he had sent to me.
The youtube channel that he was on was called Preston Playz. He left for Kansas I believe on Sunday or Monday. It was cool to see him that night before he left in the morning.
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