Last Email From the CCM!

September 23, 2017

This week went by so quickly! I have grown so much here and I have grown to love the Savior so much more closely than I ever have before.

We have been learning a lot of difficult things in Spanish. But I love it. I can definitely see all the uses for it and how it works and stuff. It is now just down to getting more practice out of it and stuff. I have been trying my hardest to speak Spanish in my daily language but it is rough sometimes. But this Monday I will be diving in to complete Spanish! I am really excited.

We had this thing this week called in-field orientation. It was cool because it was a good way to practice how to be a missionary out on the street instead of solely in lessons. 
For Choir we sang hymn #1, the morning breaks. I never really thought much of it until our Choir director, Brother Aggot, told us how the song was written. I would invite you to go and listen to the song and see how it was written. It is pretty cool how the songs were formed back in the day.
For Devotional this week we had a talk by Elder Quentin L. Cook. I learned a lot from  his talk to us. He talked about how to love like the savior would love. He talked about to love other for who they are, for what they put their efforts into, and what their interests are. That put a new perspective for me because he also said try to learn from every person you meet, (ex, my companion) but really anyone you can learn from to improve. Before I was focusing inward on how I could change myself. But now I have been trying to serve others around me like my roommates, and changing to look outward to see how I can change to help other people. That is where happiness in love comes in is through being like the Savior and being more Christlike. I keep on thinking that if I do things right that I won’t suffer. So that was pretty cool having a mindset change like that.
I was cool this week because we got to Skype someone in Mexico named Christian and help him in struggles with his family. We committed him to have family home evening because we testified that as having that gathering such as that would bring his family closer together. It was super spiritual and he was super thankful. 
I have met so many cool people. Many sisters who are going to Japan, and many other going to Argentina, Nicaragua, and even a couple going to Norway! Talking to those missionaries is so cool because I get to see what it is like a little to prepare to go to many other places. I met a ton of missionaries that will be going to Ecuador soon. One of the teachers, Hermana Neff served her mission in Ecuador in Quito. She told Elder Urie and I how it was and I feel more comforted about about going to Ecuador, even though it will be different in Guayaquil. 
I am excited for this General Conference! It is going to be interesting listening to it for my first week out in the field. I know it’ll be spiritual. I am going to go into watching conference with a question in mind so I can see if I can find an answer in the prophets’ talks.
Thank you for reading this! Have a good day and remember Christ!
Sincerely, Elder Wilhelm
Didn’t notice this until this week (My friends had fun with the label maker while I was packing.)
Found both now

Look! Something’s happening! After almost 6 weeks, the missionaries are starting to feel like animals in a cage. When anything out of the ordinary happens, it’s pretty exciting.
We made forts to welcome the new missionaries to their room.

Fog on the mountain
Brother Walker, our teacher and I
The view

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