Month: October 2017

A change in mindset

October 30, 2017 This week, overall, was a little different because we couldn’t find people to teach but it lead me to think and feel differently. But on Monday we had a super awesome family home evening with Ana y Jaime! They are planning to get married legally here pretty soon in November! For Noche

Baptism of Reina Mercado!

October 23, 2017 Last Monday we had an opportunity to teach a member some English. Her name is Samanta and teaching her Spanish just makes me learn a whole lot more about how English actually works. She gave us this drink that tastes exactly like horchata but apparently horchata is something different here. I tried

Wow what a week!

October 16, 2017 At the beginning of this week I had an opportunity to be taught a whole bunch of words in Spanish from a seven year old girl during lunch at a member´s house. So many words! And everyone was saying you don´t know what a cocodrilo is? After a while I realized that is

I love Spanish!

October 9, 2017 Wow what a spiritual week! Overall I learned a tooon of Spanish vocabulary. I am still struggling to understand what people are saying. When they slow down when I don´t understand, I go ooooh and I can hear larger and larger phrases now. So it is progressing. Many times I will understand


October 2, 2017 I Love it here in Ecuador! Here is my report since last time! On Sunday the 24th: Let me start off with this. Every Sunday two people are called on to give a talk in Sacrament meeting in the MTC. During Sacrament meeting I hear, “Hermana Elquist, Elder Workman, -Whew I am