October 2, 2017

I Love it here in Ecuador! Here is my report since last time!

On Sunday the 24th: Let me start off with this. Every Sunday two people are called on to give a talk in Sacrament meeting in the MTC. During Sacrament meeting I hear, “Hermana Elquist, Elder Workman, -Whew I am off the hook- and Elder Wilhelm” OH JUST KIDDING. Fear struck my heart because I didn´t even know the topic. I listened to the talks thinking of what I can say. Elder Butz found some scriptures with me and I am thankful for him. I gave the talk about faith involving some of the parts of my farewell talk and it went alright even though I was scared out of my wits.

Monday – I didn´t sleep because I was writing letters. I headed for the travel office at 12am and no one was there to help us. They made a mistake and we had 4 hours to spare. We went back and slept. My flights were pretty cool I got to meet some cool people. One man served his mission in Colombia and he loves the Ecuadorians. He said they are amazing and colorful people. He bought me a donut at the airport! After all went well at the airport we got to meet President Alarcón! He is super nice and I can´t wait to continue to learn as much as I can from him. We went to the mission home! There are quite of bit of elders here with us.

Tuesday through Thursday – We met the missionaries not from the US. They are all super funny! We walked down to the church or bussed there sometimes and had our tutorials on how to be healthy and how to do everything in Ecuador. It was super awesome. I feel prepared to do this work in Ecuador. Also I found out that most people eat only with a spoon here! Very interesting. The bananas here are amazing. They have none of that planty taste.

Friday¡Soy Un Misionero! – Today we got to find out who our companions are. my Companion is Elder Tafurd! We went out and taught a bunch of lessons after going to the temple today. We met this one Sister, who is named Ligia. She is crazy. She is getting baptized this week!!

Saturday and Sunday – General Conference – Wow that was an awesome General Conference! I found lots of doctrine I can apply to my life! Saturday I watched in English. Sunday was in Spanish. Whew that is rough. my Understanding is struggling but I am making it! I feel that I am really making it closer to the Savior in a different way before. Through testing how can put all my effort into this work I am trying to be like the Savior in all that I can do.

There is no AC or hot water here. But it is fine!

My dad asked me some good questions about Ecuador, so:

This is my seventh day in Ecuador! The people here are absolutely hilarious. I love them. Our mission president, Presidente Alarcón was just announced being released from the Quorum of the Seventy because of his new Calling as a mission president. He is super kind and loves to work. He wants all the missionaries to work really hard. I have been smiling everywhere I go. Because why wouldn´t I! My companion is Élder Tafurd! He is from Peru, I will be teaching him English as he teaches me Spanish! The Assistant to the President is Élder Arías. He is the most loving and kind person I have ever met. I am not even as loving has he but I will strive to be like him. He sees how everyone is feeling. He too doesn´t speak English but I understand him very well.

Dane asked me a bunch of super good questions too! They are worthy to be put here!


How has your first days at Ecuador been?

Good! I am figuring out how to use Spanish and I can speak with my companion well enough to learn more Spanish!

Where are you my dood? 

I am in a location called Samanes. It is city area in Guayaquil and the people are absolutely hilarious

Near ocean = lots more sea food.

No sea food yet! ¡Solo pollo con arroz todos mis dias!

How es tu partner? 

Mine is fantastic. Mi compañero es muy asombroso! He is from Peru and doesn´t speak English…. yet.

How are the bugs? 

Not much. I almost stepped on a cucaracha and I had a bug in my hair. But no worries it is all good. But no bug bites or anything else. Oh just kidding, we have termites in our apartment. I sprayed with whole edges today. Hopefully they can RIP.

What is your sleeping building like?

Our apartment is actually pretty nice! It has tile floors and concrete painted walls it is pretty nice. No AC or hot water, which I expected.

Do you have a bike? 

No bikes, just feet.

How do you travel?

Just feet. Oh and bus. Each bus ride is $0,30. 30 cents is super cheap.

Is it MOIST?

Outside it is fine. But sometimes in houses where there is no wind it gets a little moist from the sweat. But working outside in Arizona for Arrowhead Pooper Scoopers was much, much hotter than this! I am glad I got to work there so I could have a comparison.

Study time. Last day in the MTC.
Last view of Provo
Flying to Ecuador
Driving around Guayaquil
Sunset in Guayaquil
All the new missionaries with President and Sister Alarcón

My companion, Elder Tafurd and I
Temple grounds
Temple grounds
Guayaquil temple at night
Mission office
My mosquito net
¡Soy Un Misionero!

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