I love Spanish!

October 9, 2017
Wow what a spiritual week! Overall I learned a tooon of Spanish vocabulary. I am still struggling to understand what people are saying. When they slow down when I don´t understand, I go ooooh and I can hear larger and larger phrases now. So it is progressing. Many times I will understand more than I think I can. I know this is through the Spirit. The Holy Ghost is such an amazing gift.
A member took us to McDonald’s and I had an amazing BBQ burger! He took us out to a place where we could see the statues of a giant monkey and Guayas y Quil, I believe. Together they are Guayaquil. I have been recording all my finances in my planner. It is super easy because everything is cheap. I don’t know if I mentioned this is the past but we get $100 dollars for 2 or 3 weeks because they give it to us on the 15th and 1st of the month.

We have talked to so many different people like Mama Aila, she has not much to live on but she works for a charity called alto sufrido which means to stop suffering. She is such a great person. This week we were able to teach Familia Galindez about a lot of topics about the gospel. The grandmother and the two sisters are liking the message but the youngest is a little distracted. I feel the spirit so strongly when I am with them. They have so much potential for happiness in their life.

Another day, another member took use to eat at RioCentro and oh my gosh, the people here in Samanes really feed us until we are about to pop. Sometimes I am eating and my body says “you’re full” but I am still only half way through. But so far I have finished every meal! 
Wednesday was a little rough with my companion because I could not understand what he was telling me to do. I would get the gist of it but I would do it wrong in our practices. But I eventually got it. I don’t mean to, but I think I am teaching him patience. I try my best but at the same time, I am commanded to do it. It is beneficial for him. He is trying hard now to learn English it makes me happy because he is becoming more happy through trying to receive the gift of tongues of the Holy Ghost.
We had a Baptism this week! Ligia. The previous missionary lead her to Christ way before I arrived but, wow, she has really changed her life! She quit smoking and drinking so she could be ready for baptism. She has a fire for this Gospel more than any other. At her baptism, she asked me to speak. She said it was okay if I spoke in English. I said okay, but ended up translating into Spanish anyway. I was nervous, but I gave it anyway! It was super spiritual! She was baptized and we went out for Pizza after and she asked for my talk that I translated! I had two copies one in English and one in Spanish. She also wanted an umbrella and I gave here the extra one I had that Elder Urie was gonna throw away (sorry Elder Urie) and I gave her one of my many Red Scripture markers! She is such a good spirit and is so curious about everything in this gospel. 
Yesterday we were able to confirm Ligia in Church, wow that was amazing. She kept on saying. I am a Latter Day Saint! I am your Brother! (I told her that it is not quite the same in English) But ya She is hilarious.
For the first week, Elder Tafur made wonderful breakfasts! But then, he said it is your turn! I’m like oh boy! So I made french toast, eggs, sausages, and some tuna mix for sandwiches. It was muy rico. But the spatula we have doesn’t have a handle, it is only the spatula head. It is interesting. I made breakfast a couple days. Then today I went shopping for myself for the first time. Last time, we shopped together. It was interesting. I bought 11 dollars of food. Food is amazingly cheap here. But nutella is super expensive like 7 dollars when a candy bar is $.22. So anyway.
Today we had an activity at the Stake Center and we played volleyball and basketball and had an amazing time. Today was amazing. I cant wait for this upcoming week and more Spanish.
This morning we heard the loud booms of Airplanes roaring across the sky and like 20 helicopters per hour. And in the streets there were soldiers everywhere. My companion thought there was a Guerra, a war. But then I remembered that it was Independence Day!!! It was cool to see how they they celebrate their Independence Day. No fireworks though. So a tad different. I keep on seeing the Colombian flag instead of the Ecuadorian flag, which has the logo on it.
Overall, this week was absolutely memorable full of ups and a few downs but I always remember my Salvador, Jesucristo. And also it is in my blood to B+.
¡Hasta vez próxima! 
Sinceramente con felicidad,
Elder Wilhelm

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