Wow what a week!

October 16, 2017

At the beginning of this week I had an opportunity to be taught a whole bunch of words in Spanish from a seven year old girl during lunch at a member´s house. So many words! And everyone was saying you don´t know what a cocodrilo is? After a while I realized that is a crocodile… I felt smart. I want to mention again about volleyball and basketball at the stake center with all the missionaries in our area. It was super fun but I was really sore afterwards. Elder Zepeda is super funny when he plays volleyball. He had great time. He is hilarious and is awesome at creating new inside jokes. 

This week Ligia is trying to get her temple recommend, last I heard her membership is still pending for a day or two. But soon she’ll be able to head down there for limited use. So exciting! Ligia this week also got a calling to be the coordinator for the activities in Relief society! She is super animated about that! Ligia keeps on giving us like oreos and stuff, She is a great! 
I was a little retrospective in the middle of this week looking back on my life thinking now that these 18 years have past it feels like a speck of time in the past. And also thinking about in the next life it will be the same way, the most important speck of time in our lives is right now. So small but yet so large in the perspective of Eternity. But yep those are my thoughts this week on life 😀 I also realized how important goals are for happiness! I have set many goals. One including reading the whole Book of Mormon aloud in Spanish. Simply 3 pages a day right now but as my Spanish speeds up, I will adjust. Memorizing more scriptures is something I struggle with, but keeps me motivated.
We had a Family Home Evening or Noche de Hogar! We had pizza and watched church videos. We had a couple non members come to the chapel to join us. Jaime was one of them and he really wants to be baptized but he is in a tough situation where he doesn’t quite have the documentation for his marriage because it costs more than his family can handle. But his family is really progressing and they come to church every Sunday, we are working with President Alarcón with him. But ya super exciting. 
I don’t know if I mentioned, but last week, a member named Josue gave me a tie pin of the Guayaquil temple; it is so sweet! Josue is super tall and he is absolutely amazing and helps me learn Spanish quite a bit. Same with a ton of the members here in this ward. So for planning each day we have these little agendas of missionaries that last for a certain amount of weeks. I ran out of mine and everyone was supposed to get one but apparently we got half of the amount of agendas than we were supposed to. So I made my own agenda out of paper and a needle and thread. It actually works pretty well! It didn’t take long to make either!
One of the members of Familia Galdindez, Reyna is going to be baptized this week! I am so happy for her, I can tell she has that need in her heart. With our new investigators and more and more people I am finding that I am understanding more. But sometimes, usually the times I need to understand what they are saying, I get stuck at 0 percent. But all is well, I think it is about focusing on the Spirit in the lesson and how then can feel God´s love in their life as well. But ya Hermano Villacris said that I will be able understand 100 percent in a month from now at the rate I am learning. I know the gift of Tounges is real.
I am teaching Elder Tafur English and he is definitely trying much harder this week. Everytime he needs to use the restroom he says “I need to poop” He makes me laugh every time. He taught me a song in spanish. I am trying to piece out what it means but that will be for another time. Learning spanish and with him for English is really fun!
On Sunday, I woke up and had a weird feeling. I felt super dizzy. Like the part of my that senses balance, was just turned off. I was super confused. We had to wake up early for a meeting and we had to skip breakfast to make it on time. I felt super tired and fell asleep during sacrament meeting a couple times. But after an amazing lunch at Familia Villacris, oh wow did I feel rejuvinated. I think I was dehyrated a bit. But I drank a ton of water after that. Today I feel absolutely perfect!
This morning I had  a huge breakfast because of the leftovers from yesterday and I had my first granadilla. Oh my gosh they are so good. The outside is hard and cracks but then there is a foamy peel around the pomegranate-like seeds in the middle. They are soo sweet and the seeds are a little tart. They are my new favorite. 
This week I started writing down all the dreams I have been having. It is really fun to do that because now I can remember more and more of my dreams. So are tiring but most are really confusing! Pranav was in one of them! He was running around in the middle of a spanish marching band with the Choir Kids and we had a great time. 
Oh and also, Nestle sells a lot of different candy down here. I will report later on any awesome finds. But Jorge (not George whooops) (who we call Jorgito) showed us a Panadaria (bakery) of some really amazing Postres (Desserts I think) and we had a chocolate truffle each, Frijoles Santos, that is a lot of weight. ¡Muy Rico! He also showed us Pan de Chocolate and oh my that is soo good too! At Hermano Villacris´s home he gave us Ice cream and there were green maraschino cherries. Those were interesting and I had not seen them before. Now that I think about it, I probably have but I just didn’t notice them. But wow what a week! 
Love you all!
Elder Wilhelm

Granadilla, my favorite fruit
Look what I made!
My loaded breakfas
The Pin that Josue gave me
My Maaterials
My agenda, versus actual size

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