Month: November 2017

Miracles and Handling Samanes On My Own

November 27, 2017 Oh boy, one of these days this week was super hard. Our district leader Elder Webber, from Snowflake Arizona, I think, told us Monday night that we would going to be doing an intercambio. And because he explained it in Spanish, I understood all of it, except for one important detail that


November 20, 2017 This week started off interestingly. After a super busy preparation day, we started our day planning. Elder Tafur wanted a blessing of comfort and we got 5 minutes into planning our day when the building vibrated at around 10 Hz (per second). We saw the construction workers outside running down from their

Trying to be on time

November 13, 2017 This week started off with an exchange with Elder Gibbons and it was really cool this time to get to write in his Journal of missionaries and to help him with investigators. We helped out some of the Sister Missionaries in the Sector called Condor which has a bunch of really steep

Red Bananas!

NOVEMBER 7, 2017 On Monday we had an opportunity to teach Hermano Bucheli. His family is all active but he never joined the church. He took the lessons with the missionaries about six months ago but he never seemed intrigued. Work was just too much of a burden for him to be interested. But we