Red Bananas!

NOVEMBER 7, 2017

On Monday we had an opportunity to teach Hermano Bucheli. His family is all active but he never joined the church. He took the lessons with the missionaries about six months ago but he never seemed intrigued. Work was just too much of a burden for him to be interested. But we had a good discussion about the atonement of Jesus Christ. He seemed more interested but not much was progressing. We then explained that the only way to be connected to your family forever is first through baptism and then through the temple a year later. When he realized this was possible, he shed some tears because he loves his family so much. But then his family was like, “But when?” Everyone in the room knew that he had to agree to a baptismal date because he knew it was good. So if all goes well, December 2nd is the date! He also came to church! There were some people that didn’t realize that he was not an investigator because they’ve seen his family for quite a while.

I was embarrassed this week because I forgot my agenda after District meeting, so I went the week using my paper agenda again, for a different reason this time. But all is well. Elder Gonzaga gave it to me on Friday.

This week we visited the Family of Hermana Reina Mercado, the hermana that I was able to baptize not too long ago. When we went over there the first time, her mom was there and we had an opportunity to share a couple words with her but she had an opportunity to share with us a bunch of stuff about Jehovah’s Witnesses and stuff. She said to us to only read the Bible. I really didn’t understand a lot of what she said but I stayed attentive and let her speak what she had on her mind. Then the second time a similar thing happened with Hermana Reina’s Brother and he absorbs all information under the sun. He knows the whole bible and because he is a taxi driver he knows a ton about different people and what they think about the world. With both of them, we were not able to talk much. But I left him a commitment to read James 1:5 and pray to ask if there is more for him to learn.

We visited a less active member Mama Eba I think and we accidentally let her chihuahua out! It ran straight for a stray dog on the street. We couldn’t do anything but the stray dog was tranquil and only sniffed. But we ran and ran and ran after the dog until we pinned the dog and it went back inside. All is well. Todo bien.

We had a chance to have a Book of Mormon reading at the chapel. That is where I took a picture of that kitten. It was good and Jaime and Ana were able to come! We had a good discussion about the Book of Mormon.

But then Elder Gibbons and I went on a companionship exchange, or intercambio. We have been doing that every Friday and he teaches me a bunch every time. We went out with Gustabo who is 20 but looks 16 and is going out with a girl that is 13. Elder Gibbons would let him live that down. We are trying to fellowship an Hermano Davie. He loves computers and computer science. He is taking complicated classes about this at his school. He needed help with his homework and how everything works. I didn’t know too much about the different circuits of parallel circuits and stuff because I studied that for only a month but I knew the logic circuits front and back and taught him about some of the different logic gates he didn’t know about and he taught me new symbols I did not know. It was really difficult because he kept on talking way too fast for me. But I don´t know if I actually helped him because he taught me more than the other way around. I kept on asking if he needed help with C++, programming language. He said yes and then he would show me something really cool, not anywhere close to what we talked about. But ya that was awesome. We played Black Magic and the a multi person rock paper scissors gun game that I remembered from AFY. We had a good time.

Elder Gibbons taught me how to say “I wanted to do something” in Spanish. But he said there was a different way of the same thing. The phrase as I understood it was like this “I am a for-wanted to do something” Gustabo told Elder Gibbons to teach it to me. But later he told me that it was a word that was below the the word for trash. He told me to not use. What was funny is that I had said that I liked that word because it made sense. When in reality I just called myself lower than trash. But anyway we had a good time and we extended our intercambio because of our situations with lunch.

At lunch with Elder Gibbons at at a member’s house. Elder Gibbons came out of the bathroom smiling. He had just seen a rainbow parrot in the bathroom. A while later I went in there and there it was staring at me with one eye and then the other. I took the towel and put it towards it and bit it over and over. Eventually it left as it made a bunch of clicking noises. (That lunch was super good, it was spaghetti but the sauce was chicken soup. I loved it)

Elder Gibbons said to stay away from the corners of the street during the rainy season because people will take the grates from over the drains and since it is under water, you can’t tell.  He stepped in one of the holes without a grate (without a grate it is a foot by foot hole in the street) 9 months ago I think and broke a bunch of tendons in his leg and foot. He’s okay now but I will keep that in mind.

Today we were running a little late and we bought RED bananas at Rio Centro! We see the missionaries in our district there every time. The red bananas are really good. They taste more fruity but keep in mind they still taste like bananas because… they are bananas. ;D I can´t wait for the different fruits that will be available. Apparently in February or something all the members will just give us a bunch of mangoes because they will be in season and dirt cheap. A banana is around 4 cents.

Everyone is super nice here. Everyone says Buen Dia o Buenas Tardes o Noches. And everyone, not just the members make sure we are doing fine and if we need anything sometimes. It’s about how they say it as well.

¡Que estén bien!

Elder Wilhelm

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RED Banana
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