Trying to be on time

November 13, 2017

This week started off with an exchange with Elder Gibbons and it was really cool this time to get to write in his Journal of missionaries and to help him with investigators. We helped out some of the Sister Missionaries in the Sector called Condor which has a bunch of really steep hills. We visited an investigator that gave us a Guava taffy treat. It was interesting and really good but super sugary. We talked with her about the atonement of Jesus Christ. That night we found out that our zone leaders got changed. We helped Elder Holguin pack up and leave in a taxi. It was my first time seeing a change in areas happen. It is surprising because one of the missionaries, Elder Vite who is absolutely hilarious and we have a ton of inside jokes now, is now the Zone leader along with Elder Knudson!

I learned a lot from this because I realized now that changes can happen at any time. Today our zone leaders scared us by telling us we were getting changed tomorrow. I ran to my companion and hugged him and said I didn’t want him to leave. There is still so much to be done like our upcoming baptisms. I also realized I need to get done a ton of things for this area like know which buses to take for example. But I am glad they were just joking around. 
We brought Jorgito with us to our District Meeting. It is too bad that that meeting wasn’t as constructive as the other ones but I think he learned a lot. 
I was a little sad this week because we had to tell one of our investigators that they lived outside of our boundaries. His name is Carlos Wong, and he has been reading his scriptures everyday and asks wonderful questions.
Something that I have been having a hard time with is seeing the sadness in some people´s eyes. I am doing my best to try to help people move towards the light to be happy. But some of the members often look off into the distance and I can see they are struggling with something. I always try to help. But with my with my barrier of the language it is a little rough. I saw that in the eyes of the wife of one of our investigators. But he now wants to be baptized in this December!  He comes to church and I am super excited for him! 
This week I talked to someone on the street and I was not even nervous! I talked with her about what her purpose was on this Earth and if she wanted to know more. She said that she knew why she was here. I conveyed that we are always learning and if she wants to expand her knowledge about her purpose on this Earth she can follow the pass along card. 
I also gave a book of Mormon to the Brother of our recent convert,  Reina Mercado. He loves to know more but he thinks that his mind cannot be changed. I think he will gain a lot of happiness for himself by applying the principles he learns because he knows the scriptures. Like seriously.
We made a goal this week to be on time to all of our lunches. It seems that everyone is tardy here but people appreciate it when people are on time. I am striving to be better and live all of the commandments that we have been given but it is definitely really hard. The more I try, however, the more I can see the blessings.
Jaime and Anna are planning to get married this week! I hope they do! If they do, they can be baptized this Saturday! Jaime gave us two buckets of Ciruelas. They are like little sour little mangoes. We ate quite a bit with Jorge. You eat them by biting a hole in the peel and mushing around the outside and sucking it through the opening. Weird but really fun and good. 
Also this week we watched a ton of Elder Holland´s talks. When he talks of the Savior and if we love him, he conveys the love of Christ like no other (besides himself of course). We had a chance to have a conference that Elder Montoya of the Quorum of the 70 gave a really powerful talk about patience and being obedient. He is super awesome. 
This week I am trying to find ways to be a better person and show my love for these people in Ecuador. I am feeling that I am understanding people a ton better this week than before. I am able to talk quickly in Spanish sometimes! Most of the time is pretty slow though :D. 
(Also we did service for the bishop by sanding the walls of mold so that they could be repainted, we took some pictures with Jorge)
Have a good one everyone!
Elder Wilhelm

Elevator Selfie 

This is how we do a service project

This tree is GIGANTIC

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