November 20, 2017

This week started off interestingly. After a super busy preparation day, we started our day planning. Elder Tafur wanted a blessing of comfort and we got 5 minutes into planning our day when the building vibrated at around 10 Hz (per second). We saw the construction workers outside running down from their scaffolding and head for the sidewalk outside the houses. We ran to the door frame and Elder Tafur started for his Emergency backpack. Then everything calmed down. We saw people come out of their houses, waiting for anything more. We didn’t know if there would be a reverberation coming. So after a bit, we decided to head for our District meeting. What is scary is that our apartment is floating above the garage area. There are not support beams so that is why I chose the door frame because it had concrete above and beneath. If anyone has any other advice of where I can go, I would be glad to know where is safer in the moment, you know, besides outside lol. But anyway, that was shocking.

Then, probably an hour after we went to bed that night, we were awakened by the swaying of another earthquake. I turned to my companion an said, “¿Què debemos hacer?” which means What should we do? We both just just waited. It lasted for over a full minute. But this time it was around 2 Hz. Much more calm. We were warned that there might be more by our district leaders, who didn´t tell us that we were having a “Emergency Bag” check. Oh well, mine had been ready for a solid 2 weeks before that. Elder Tafur was a little worried that he was missing a few items on the list, like chocolate or something. We have a list of things that we have to put in our Emergency Bag. It is pretty cool. I think I want to do the same thing after my mission.

During District meeting this past week, Elder Knudson, one of our zone leaders, said I would be leading the music, and he would be playing Himno 50, Más Cerca Dios De Ti, which is Nearer my God to thee. But he got a phone call just before we were about to start. I then ran up there and, because I had been practicing that song every time I had an opportunity I was able to be the pianist for our Zone for that song!

We have been going out to work with Jorge a lot this week and it has been really cool to see him prepare for a mission. He is really a leader. One time in sacrament meeting, he was mentioned 5 times lol. But anyway, we helped clean his stand up pool and he wrote in my notebook and the notebook of Elder Tafur. He is awesome and he put a lot of work into it. En serio!

This week we have been giving out Hojas de Referencias (Papers for getting referrals) And we are trying to get the member to try to share the joy they have with their friends! It is a little difficult because people sometimes don´t have motivation but I hope we can be helped by our efforts giving out these papers.

Oh one thing that I love to do say here is to mix Spanish in English. For example, Let´s vamos! That is one that people really like.

One more thing, really important: Jaime and Anna are going to get Married! They have a date set and they are planning to be baptized on December second! We are hyped. And also Familia Sangorima, who has been inactive for their whole time practically, finally came to church! But the came late and left early, but hey they came. We are praying for them. They have come a long way. Our first visit with them the mom was literally laughing at the things we were saying. I hope she can continue to soften her heart.

I was a little short on time today because I had to do print out some papers, but thank you all for staying with me through my mission and I want you think about how God has blessed you this week.

Until next time!

Elder Wilhelm

Being Silly
Received my Thanksgiving package!
Text on the board says: “I can choose to be a missionary now”. I already did!
Turkey hands from my family.
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