Miracles and Handling Samanes On My Own

November 27, 2017

Oh boy, one of these days this week was super hard.

Our district leader Elder Webber, from Snowflake Arizona, I think, told us Monday night that we would going to be doing an intercambio. And because he explained it in Spanish, I understood all of it, except for one important detail that I switched up, Elder Tafur would be leaving and I would be staying in Samanes to handle a day on my own with Elder Webber. So after the District meeting on Wednesday, we started off a wonderful day with lunch. While Elder Webber was eating, he made those noises that say mmmm this is the best lunch I have had in 4 months, which he told the Hermana who made the scrumptious food and she also gave us garlic bread with cheese melted on it. Absolutely the best.

I was really worried that I would not be able to find houses or ride the right bus to get someone plus Elder Tafur had given me a list of things to do that day involving calling people over the phone. Now let me establish here that I already have a hard time deciphering the words people say, so over the phone it is even harder to detect what I am supposed to do. So I called the bishop about how we could have the keys to the computer room at the church and I heard that he would call the Secretary and text me what he says and the id number to make a new account for Family History for Reina Mercado, our recent convert. So I thought all was good. All until an hour before sunset. I called the bishop again because he hadn´t sent me anything. I was actually supposed to call the secretary myself. I called every single person who had the keys to that room. They were all busy. It was too late. In the same moment, I couldn´t find a house that we were supposed to go to that day. There were a lot of mistakes I was making and they were all adding up in my mind. I said to Elder Webber, I just need a moment. I literally took like three seconds and jumped up and started to where I thought the members house that we needed to go to. Elder Webber said wait wait wait. Calm down. He sat me down on a swing and he told me about how is first day handling his sector by himself went. His first day went way worse than mine, he couldn´t find this one house and they walked around the block like 20 times plus at that point he could hardly speak Spanish because he only spoke English with his companion from the States every day. He told me that when things just are not going the way you wanted and mistakes are clogging your mind, he said just go to a tienda (mini stores that are literally everywhere) and get a popsicle and just take a minute to talk about something. To relax. He said there are never perfect days in the mission. There are days that go like you planned but in his experience, those hardly happen too. So just take a moment. That helped me.

We got up and we asked some people for directions, they didn’t know where we should go. But we ended up talking to two families, one had just moved into the area a month ago and the Father is super amiable! We will be talking with them this week. And also we talked with a girlfriend and boyfriend, the boyfriend looked like he was 25 but he said he was 18 and I was a little surprised. But we would not have found them if I knew where to go. The rest of the night was just trying to catch up on what I had fell behind on. But when we headed back to the apartment, Elder Webber showed me some really cool things that we can do to find people that have been taught in the past and they got left behind or something because there was a transfer in missionaries or they started having too much work. So I am super grateful for him for showing me that.

During that day I realized that I have a bunch to do and I have to work harder and focus on what I can do to do better. This humbled me quite a bit. I think it allowed me to connect better with Elder Tafur because now I know what it takes of him to do this every day.

Now for a Miracle or two!

So we got an email saying we have a person that we need to contact. We called her, Katorine, (Honestly I have no idea how to spell these names but that is the way that Elder Tafur writes her name) and we went to her house this week. We arrived at the house as she came to the door. She couldn´t let us in so we had an introduction to who we are. We didn´t even get more then 2 or 3 minutes into who we are and how we can help when she said, “I would like to be baptized” I think her exact words were “Me gustaría bautizarme” Elder Tafur and I shared a quick glance of unbelief and she accepted the date as a goal to be baptized in late December! Her boyfriend had just been baptized a month before but lives a far ways away. We finished introducing ourselves and set the next time we could come and we went our way. We stopped and exchanged words of amazement for we knew that she had been prepared by the Spirit before we got there.

That same day, someone in the evening, came up to us and said, tell me something about Christ! We paused, wondering if he was a member probing us or someone else. So we told him the underlining principles of Christ and who he is and he said correct and he went his way. We were again astounded, we caught up with him and he showed us where he lived so we could visit him again.

Wow this week was full of experiences. I learned a ton. I passed 100 days this week if I counted correctly! I love keeping a journal every day. I forget a lot of stuff and this makes sure I don´t forget my mission.

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