Jaime & Ana got baptized! I got hit by a bus… Almost!

December 4, 2017

This next week we will be working 100 hours. We will be out in the field from 7 in the morning until 9 o´clock at night. So this is going to be interesting! More details in 2 weeks! (My progress in Spanish: I am still learning more and more words! I am understanding almost all the words that some people are saying! Although it is still hard to turn that into fluid thought, rapid Spanish isn´t sounding so foreign anymore! I also have to learn to reject some of the bad habits of the other missionaries as far as grammar goes. But ya I am figuring it out. I know it is through the gift of tongues)

At the beginning of the week we were in a taxi with our groceries and the light had just turned green. The taxista drove forward but there were still cars turning left in the intersection. We dove between the cars turning left and a bus I swear came about an inch away from hitting us. It didn’t put on the brakes at all. Although it seemed like chance that we weren´t hit. I know it was another miracle keeping me doing the work.

Another fun thing is now I have experienced a total of 3 small earthquakes. In one we were in a Family home evening and the second time it was in the morning. We woke and we weren´t surprised. I committed myself to be ready when the next one happens that I will get for outside as quickly possible because we live on the second floor.

I found something that is pretty close to Horchata! It is by Avena and it is called Leche con Sabor de Canela. So not real cinnamon. But hey it tastes close. Jorge bought me a dessert called tres leches. It is cake but it has sweet milk sauce covering it. Super good. One of the rules that we got in our training was not to eat food from the side of the street. But we ended up doing that anyway by eating an empanada. We accepted it because a member had bought it for us and was referring the Hermana running the stand to us to teach. The empanada was pizza on the inside!

The bishop saw me practicing the piano and I am now assigned to play the piano to accompany the relief society when they sing their song on the 15th. I knew none of the songs they are going to sing on the piano. So I have been struggling to practice and I am getting better.

Last week we talked to Daniel an 18 year old, who looks much older, but he is super cool and seems pretty interested. But we came back and he wasn´t there, his grandparents were there and they had read all the way through the pamphlet of the Restoration! No one asked them to do that. We gave them a Book of Mormon and told them to seek out the missionaries where they live. Wow, I really think they will read the book of Mormon based on what they have done so far.

On Friday night we headed to the house of Jaime y Ana because they were having the reception there! They got married! We took pictures but they are on Elder Tafur´s camera, and I don´t have the right adapter right now, but next week there will the pictures! Then the next day in the evening, a bunch of people came. So many people, that we had the service with talks and stuff in the chapel instead fo the baptismal room. Elder Tafur had the opportunity to baptize Jaime and an Hermano Chacón baptized Ana! Sooo cool! Afterward, they bore testimony of their knowledge of the Book of Mormon and their progress in the gospel. Their testimonies are so strong!

I told Ligia on her birthday that there are two kinds of baptisms. One is the baptism of someone who has a testimony of Jesus Christ and the other is someone who doesn´t. I know Ligia, Reina, Jaime, y Ana all have strong testimonies of Jesus Christ because of not only what they say but how they have changed for the better. Before the baptism of Reina, I had never seen her smile, but now I see her smile every time I see her.

Thanks for bearing with me while my English gets worse and worse and my Spanish gets better and better!

Elder Wilhelm


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