A whole week of “doing it all”

December 11, 2017

Wow this week feels like a month looking back on it because I learned so much.

I made so many mistakes, but I did so many things right, it was awesome.

Normally planning takes 30 minutes to do. But Elder Tafur left me independent because it is Week 11, that is the agenda. My average time for planning was over an hour because I was trying to find what we might do. About half way through the week, I got way too stressed out because there were just too many things to do and plan for the next two weeks. I took quite a bit of time to study and ponder about all the things that I was feeling and planning – the weight on my shoulders. I refocused and realized I was feeling angry and frustrated. Afterward I was able to feel the peace that the Holy Ghost brings because I refound what my purpose is. I started taking those negative thoughts and questions that I literally was saying like “Why can`t I do it?” “What am I doing wrong?” and replacing them with “I can do it” “Look at all of the things I am doing right”

The very day I did this refocus, we had an amazing day and we found 3 more people, part of a family, to teach. 2 of which want to be baptized this month! One is Gabriel, he is 10 years old. He has a hard time listening when people talk quickly or in a complicated manner. So we are adapting to his needs. And also the sister of his mom, Sahiana, really wants to be present at the sealing of Jaime and Ana Garcia (which will be in a year)! So we are helping her to be able to achieve that goal. Through calling our dear friends that we are teaching, we had five of them come to church! It is saddening because Hermano Bucheli still won`t come to church because he is too tired from work. But we are hoping things will change 😀

In the United States, there is a Guava (named Guayaba here) juice  that is sold; it is my favorite. I was super curious what the fruit by itself tasted like. So one of the members blended up some Guava and gave it to us today. Wow, Guava by itself is not sweet. So I added a bunch of sugar, perfecto! But Hermana Pasmiño was freaking out, saying that that much sugar is unhealthy ;D Worth it!

Well there are cool things and how I am progressing. Because we are in the Week of Sacrifice we have half the time. So más things next week!

Until next week.

Elder Wilhelm

I’m starting to thing that a lot of people have this tie.
Merry little Christmas.

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