100 Horas!

December 18, 2017

Before this week, it´s like my eyes were closed. It´s crazy.

Our schedule was absolutely loco. We were out proselyting from 7 in the morning until 9:30 in the night. I got sunburned my first day. The rest of the time I wore sunblock to protect my face but mostly my arms. They are now suuuper tan. People this week have been asking me, Literal translation: Do you have dream? It looks like you have dream. That means Are you sleepy? Because it looks like you are super tired. My response was “Definitely!” But I am super excited still!

We reflected a bunch on our time here in Samanes, our sector because this was my last week of my training! Wow. I grew so much. I we shared how much we learned about how hard the mission is. I learned that the hardest part of the mission is thinking. Thinking what to do next because it requires that we are in tune with the spirit to guide us through the tough decisions or when it seems like there are no decisions to make. I am so thankful for my Trainer, my Dad, Elder Tafur because he showed me how to man up and accept the things that happen and the mistakes we make. To improve and become better and not to wither and dwell on the bad but to make a foundation out of the mistakes we have made.

As far of the things that have come to pass this week:

One of the investigators that has not been progressing much had a sudden launch in his reading of the scriptures and his understanding of the gospel it is absolutely awesome!!

Oh man I had the roughest time with one of our investigators Rosa Fria (Whose name is literally Cold Rose) Any she is 82 years old and loves to talk to us. We kept on trying to teach who we know who God is but she was not accepting the things that we were sharing with her. Not denying but just saying that that is beautiful, then moving on. This week I was teaching her and I realized that we could not help her. I asked if her if she wanted a change in her life. She said no. Her testimony of Little Jesus is unchangable she said. I realized I could not bring her to the light, that we would be the last missionaries in this life that teach her. It brought tears to my eyes.

The mom of Gabriel, who has a hard time learning quickly, has had a hard heart about the Gospel. But by going to church and learning about the second coming and about the temple, she is becoming more and more interesting. She gave us the seeds that Chocolate comes from. It is super strange, you suck the stuff off the coco bean and it is a sourish slimey material that is strangley enjoyable!

Inline image 1

Foto de la internet

For lunch one of the days, we got given Juice de Naranjilla!

Inline image 2

Not very usual but it is like a mix between an orange and a tomato.

Cambios are very soon and many missionaries have left for home. So right now we have Elder Hacking with us. A trio! So we went down to the Office with the Elder Amleyda, who is just the kindest person in the world! He left and we saw our mission president. He was like, Elder Wilhelm, could I see you for a second, I was like whatttt, So he brought me to the package room and there, waiting for me, was a giant package, bigger than my chest! Thanks Mom and Dad and Dane and Grannie and Papa!!!!!!! Elder Hacking is with us while we opened up everyitng and we messed around with the stuff! Wow. I am so excited for this Christmas!

Well until next time!

Ajujabuncandi – Cichwa for hasta luego

Elder Wilhelm

Cute Nativity Scene
Groot manequin. This will be blown up on New Years Eve.
I will teach you English. For Free!
Feliz Navidad!
Santa in a hammock, of course!
My Christmas package arrived!

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