2 Upcoming Baptisms, Call Home, New Camera

December 25, 2017
¡Feliz Navidad!

Wow what a different week we have had. This one is gonna be a short one because I got to call home! I got to talk to Ryan, Pranav, Skylar, Tanner, Christian, Maggie, Dane, Mother, and Dad! Wow what a special moment to hear about what´s happening!

This past week we really have been focusing on two investigators, Sahiana and Gabriel. If everything goes right, they will get baptized this week, one day before the last day of the year. I gave Gabriel, who is 10, a CTR ring, except in Spanish, HLJ, Haz Lo Justo. We have confidence that we can prepare him enough for baptism. And Sahiana is really progressing she comes to church and she asks questions that are really inspiring. Questions that most people don´t think about.
Yesterday, we had a giant lunch with a member called Hermana Betty Alarcon, we then had like 4 families call us to invite us to dinner. So we went to all of them. We ate 2 dinners and the other 2 we took for to go. I was so tired after all of that. It rained in the night a little bit, and up until 5 in the morning, there were people setting off fireworks. Apparently for new years there will be even more fireworks. People will be blowing up maniquins (in spanish, the same word for wrist) And partying all the night.
People here don´t say Feliz Navidad very often to each other on the street, but I did! Instead people say Buenas Noches or Buenas Tardes. One time, one guy on the street, said Buenas Noches, when it was like 4pm. A couple seconds later he said the equivalent of Sorry Sorry, Good Evening hehe.
I copied a ton of pictures that I had forgotten to copy from Elder Tafur, so there they are now 😀
¡¡¡¡¡Feliz Navidad!!!!!
Elder Wilhelm
Deadpool Manequin. More things for them to blow up on New Years Eve.
Christmas Eve
More Christmas dinners
Another Christmas Dinner
Feliz Navidad!!
Christmas Dinner
President and Sister Alcaron
Some cool missionaries
Christmas Shenanagins
Looking tough. Can you tell I’ve gained 10 lbs?
Jaime & Ana’s Wedding
Jaime & Ana’s Baptism
Sushi. Nom nom.
Funny hats and Elder Hacking eating a tree.

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