Happy New Year!!! and Sahiana’s Baptism!!

January 1, 2018

Oh my goodness. New Years Was Nuts. I tried to sleep but I could not, because there was music blasting everywhere. I could hear it clearly. I tried not to listen to the lyrics because we are not supposed to listen to it. From 9 o’clock there was at least 3 fireworks per minute all night. Now let me explain what these fireworks are. These fireworks aren´t just regular fireworks that we use in Arizona. These are professional fireworks that you find at Disneyland, like I don´t know how much these cost but there were so many big ones. (I will upload a video of it next week). At 12, there were people out on the street that brought out their paper mache characters from cartoons, movies, etc. and lit them on fire. Man! Those were the loudest fireworks. Like hundreds of deafening explosions in these life-sized things. Everywhere there were explosions and fireworks. The fireworks looked like a sea of smoke and, man, I just cannot explain how many fireworks there were.

Video of this next week!

This week was nuts. On Saturday, Sahiana got baptized! It had only been 3 weeks since we started teaching her. We were going back and forth on the topic of the baptism of Gabriel who has a really hard time new things. His dad, is not wanting for his son to get baptized for some reason, but we are reasoning with Carla, the Mom, that because he has not been around ever until recently and they are divorced, that he doesn´t have authority over her. So things are a looking like Gabriel will be able to get baptized this month!

Our other investigators are having harder and harder times coming to church because of work. It is so sad to see people that are just so close. But we are constantly thinking of ways to help them.

My companion is now the district leader of 3 areas, which are our area, Albonor, where 2 sister missionaries are and our Zone Leaders because they need a district leader as well. So we had a Companionship exchange and I was with Elder Vite in the exchange over in his area. Wow, what things we saw. We talked with a brother who is recovering from a severe fall that he broke his arm I think. It is test of his faith to see if he can make it through without murmuring. Elder Vite is from Mexico, southern area, and I asked him what his favorite candy was. Marzipan. Which I got for Christmas. So I am making a barter, He can draw really well, so I asked him to draw something for me and in return, I´ll give him some Marzipan! But wow he is super cool. It was also cool to see him go from a regular missionary to Zone Leader in an instant.

There were finally changes, so Elder Knudsen, from the states, got replaced with Elder Walquist who is also from the US. So cool, he is the other zone leader by the way.

 Have a great week, Everyone!!

Elder Wilhelm

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